Who am I, you ask?

Birthday: March 29
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Parents: John and Leslie

Personal Goals: Earn a degree in English Literature from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and start a full-scale PR, digital marketing and brand management firm.

Looking into the future, what are some of your professional goals? I’ve started and grown four businesses since age seven and want to continue seeking entrepreneurial endeavors. After college I’d like to pursue a career in digital marketing and brand management.

Interests: Tennis, Singing, Volunteering, Cooking/Baking, Traveling, Reading, Hiking, Going to the Beach, Yoga, Krav Maga.

Describe your typical day in 30 words or less. I wake up early to exercise and fit in a good breakfast before going to class, and I spend most evenings studying or visiting with friends. I stay busy and I love it.

What is your favorite food? I love fresh fruit and veggies, but I think my greatest weakness is anything chocolate!

What is your favorite vacation spot? I have traveled across Europe and Switzerland was by far my favorite country. I spent a good deal of time in the tiny alpine town of Mürren and fell in love with its beauty. I also love Paris, as it’s the true fashion capital of the world!

If you could have a superpower, what would you want and why? Definitely the ability to fly. I think there’s something to be said about the unparalleled freedom that flying could give, plus I had a childhood dream to live in the clouds.